Rock-solid security level. We focused on user-centric to become a leading & trusted crypto-platform.

What makes BitPoint Malaysia reliable

We are now officially listed as Reporting Institutions Dealing With Digital Currencies Declared to the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). The parent company is BITPoint Japan, which became the first licensed cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. We have the highest security standards based on Japanese banking technology and digital assets exchange regulation.

Own Administration of Wallet

We have own administration wallet system. Our wallet is the combination of ‘Cold Wallet’ and ‘Hot Wallet’. We developed this system ourselves and it fulfills the high level security and the flexible trading at the same time.

Multi Signature

We require more than one key to authorize the transaction. Diversified multiple secret keys are protected from hacker.

Protect from Illegal Access

We have the system to detect and protect from illegal access.


The highest degree of authentication and SSL protection.

Separate Management

We keep our assets and customers’ deposited assets separately.

Step Verification

To strengthen the security, when you log in and withdraw digital assets/fiat, you are required to input the code we send through email or Google Authentication in addition to the regular password.

Service Termination


Dear valued customer,

We regret inform you we terminate all our services immediately due to Securities Commission Malaysia didn’t permit us to operate as Digital Asset Exchange.

We start to return all our existing customer asset.
Please note, we are keeping customer asset safely.

For existing customer, we will inform asset return process by email.


We appreciate your continuous support and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you.

BITPoint Malaysia Team