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Open General Account

In order to start trading at our company, it is necessary to open a BITPoint General account. " Account opening fee and account management fee are free.

STEP 1 > Account opening application

Please apply from the account opening button on our website. Please agree to the Terms of Agreement etc and enter necessary information on the account opening application form.
* Required to enter information.

STEP 2 > Confirm Application Details

Please confirm the content you entered in the application form. Please press the “next” button if there is no error in the input content. If you wish to modify it, please press the “Edit Detail” button and return to the previous page and correct it.

STEP 3 > Submitting Identification Documents

When you click “Next”,“Personal Verification Documents” is displayed. Upload your identity confirmation documents and click on “Upload” to complete the reception of account opening.

For individual customers, we are able to open our service account and use our service only if we meet all of the following requirements.
For corporate customers, please check the contents described in“Corporate Customers”.
① You must be at least 18 years old and at the olderst 65 years old at the beginning of trading (at the time of opening account) and be a person with capacity to act.
② You must live in Malaysia.
③ In using this service, you must be able to agree to the contents of our company’s Crypto currency service usage general agreement and the attached clause.
④ You must be able to operate the personal computer by yourself.
⑤ Register usable e-mail address in our company and use only for the customer yourself unless there is a special reason.
⑥ You must have your own account in your name in a bank in Malaysia.
⑦ The Internet use environment recommended by the Company is in place.
⑧ You must be able to use“Electronic Delivery Service”of the document provided by the Company.
⑨ You must be able to register your telephone numbers and e-mail addresses that can be contacted in a case of emergency.
⑩ We request you to submit the verification documents including the identity confirmation documents and to register the customer’s information with us accurately.
⑪ To ensure that you are not a person belonging to antisocial forces and that you do not have any relationships with antisocial forces through the form prescribed by the Company.
⑫ You meet other criteria stipulated by the Company.
After accepting applications for opening an account, we screen your information of application whether or not to open an account. As a result, we may refuse to open an account. We are afraid, we will not disclose the reason etc.

①Please submit your identity document. If you are Malaysian, it must be MyKad.
If you are not Malaysian, please submit your passport.

②All applicants must submit a document including the address and name.

Documents containing your name and address

Address Proof Document
Following is accepted:
The latest utility bill receipt within the last 3 months (water, gas, electricity, etc. )

Please note:
-Must have an address
-The address proof must be the same name as the account applicant.

③You must also upload the picture showing your face with ID like the picture below.

STEP 4 > Application Completed

We will send you an application receipt completion email to your registered e-mail address.

STEP 5 > Start screening to open your account

We screen your entered information to open your account.

STEP 6 > Your account opening is successfull

After screening, we send you email titled“The notification of opening your general account in BITPoint”to your registered e-mail address. When logging in for the first time, it is necessary to change the login password from the security point of view (Password change is forced to be requested).

STEP 7 > Start Dealings

Please make sure to pay into our bank account with your name (Name of BITPoint account) and start dealings. As transfer payment to the bank account designated by our company, the bank account number of the transfer destination will be common to all customers, so please enter the 9 digit customer code after your name or the date of birth in the transfer requester’s name. (e.g. BitPoint 1234546789 or BITPoint 19960303). Please be careful not to enter the wrong account number at the time of transfer.

General Account Opening Criteria

Ready to register?

Open Leverage
Trading Account

In the case of leverage transaction, you must open both “General account” and “Leverage trading account”.Since you are able to apply for“General account”and“Leverage trading account”at the same time, if you do not have general account, please apply from “Opening account” on our website. In general accounts and leverage trading accounts, account opening criteria are different. Please note that you may be able to open only a general account and not be able to oepn a leverage trading account.

Those already having a general account

If you already have a general account, please log in to our trading site and follow the procedures for opening a leverage trading account from “Account Opening Status”in “Account” menu.

Opening status of various accounts

Account type Target transaction Situation Procedure
General account Spot trading of Crypto currency, sending and receiving Crypto currency Established 19/07/2016
Leverage trading account Margin trading in Crypto currency (leverage) Not established

Leverage trading account opening criteria

The criteria for opening a leveraged trading account are as follows.

1) You must be able to have knowledge about our leverage transactions, fully understand the structure and risks of trading and to trade at your own  responsibility and judgment.
2) You must be able to agree to all of our agreement.
3) Customer must be over 18 years old to 65 years old and an active person.
4) The total amount of financial assets is 10,000 MYR or more.
5) To be able to understand English without problems.
6) You should agree that your leverage trading account is handling only MYR.

Even if you meet the leverage trading account opening criteria, you may not be able to open an account as a result of the screening. In that case, we do not disclose the reason for refusing account opening, so please understand it in advance.

Transaction Time

Spot Trading and Leverage Trading

[Note 1]

In case of “System temporary maintenance” accompanying new service transition etc., all functions including logging in to the trading site are possibly suspended.

[Note 2]

Calculation area means to divide the calculation term in order to perform closing processing of transaction units, and the calculation area of all dealings handled by us (Crypto currency spot tradings and Leverage tradings) is“Start from 3:00 PM on the previous trading day to 3:00 PM on the trading day”. In other words, trading, depositing or withdrawing etc“From 3:00 PM, 26th of May to 3.00 PM, 27th of May” is dealed on“May 27th”

Deposit & Withdrawal

About Deposit

Please deposit to our customer’s designated bank account.

After making your deposit, please email us the proof of receipt to by including these details :

A) Your name as per registered
B) Your bank name and account number

Receipt of payment is accepted on the day that the company confirmed landing by 2:00 PM on the business day and those that confirm landing after 2:00 PM on the business day is accepted on the next business day. In addition, customers’ payment is reflected in below table. After paying in, please check the balance at“History” after logging in.

The funds received by 2:00 PM are reflected on your total balance in your account within one day from payment.
The funds received after 2:00 PM are reflected on your total balance in your account sequentially after 9:00 AM on the following business day.

Please make a payment with the same name as registered name on BITPoint General Account. Our bank account to receive customers’ deposit is same for all customers. In addition, please note that you are not able to deposit if the name of transfer person differs from the name of BITPoint total account.

The bank account that the BITPoint is informing customers is provided only for the purpose of accepting funds related to Crypto currency transactions from BITPoint’s customers.
Please pay attention to payment settlement in products, services other than our company and funds other than original purpose are not accepted.

About Withdrawal

When you withdraw your cash from BITPoint general account, we will pay into your bank account on the day after next business day (T + 2) from the request date. In addition, if the withdrawal request date is Saturday and Sunday, it will be treated the same as withdrawal request on Friday. If the withdrawal request date is a bank holiday, please note that the 2nd business day calculated from the next business day, is the withdrawal day.


The deadline of the request for withdrawal on this business day is 3:00 PM and the requested withdrawal after 3:00 PM is handled the next business day.

Sending & Receiving Crypto Currency

When remitting the Crypto currency, please select“Transfer”in the menu“Withdraw Digital”after logging in to the trading site. The following Crypto currency remittance screen will be displayed. After selecting the Crypto currency you would like to send, please input“The remittance address (Recipient’s receipt address)”and“Remittance amount”. We are responsible for remittance fee so you are able to remit Crypto currency anywhere in the world with no remittance charge.

Transfer target Crypto currency Bitcoin(BTC), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin(LTC), Ripple(XRP)
Remittance charge Free
Transfer quantity minimum limit The remittance amount of Bitcoin (BTC) is able to be specified up to 8 decimal places if it is 0.01 BTC or more.
The remittance amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is able to be specified up to 8 decimal places if it is 0.02 BCH or more.
The remittance amount of Ethereum (ETH) is able to be specified up to 8 decimal places if it is 0.1 ETH or more.
The remittance amount of Litecoin (LTC) is able to be specified up to 8 decimal places if it is 0.1 LTC or more.
The remittance amount of Ripple (XRP) is able to be specified up to 6 decimal places if it is 10 XRP or more.
Transfer quantity maximum limit Bitcoin (BTC) is able to be specified up to 1,000 BTC.
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is able to be specified up to 1,000 BCH.
Ethereum (ETH) is able to be specified up to 5,000 ETH.
Litecoin (LTC) is able to be specified up to 1,000 LTC.
Ripple (XRP) is able to be specified up to 100,000 XRP
Correcting and canceling remittance Correcting and cancelling after remittance request is completed is not able to be done.
Please make a request after confirming that there is no mistake in the remittance destination address, remittance amount and target currency.
Required time to remit It takes about 10 minutes to 30 minutes to land receiver after we accept your remittance.

About address activation fee

When you send Ripple, and if receipt address has never received Ripple before, receiver is charged 20 Ripple to activate address on the block chain.
The address activation fee is collected from the received amount so if the amount of sending Ripple is less than 20 Ripple, remittance will be an error and refunded (returned) to the remitter .

About the destination tag of Ripple (XRP)

“Destination tag”is optional, so you are able to request a remittance without it. However, if the destination address is an attribute requiring the tag and if you do not specify a tag, remittance will be error. Please check with the remittee.

Separate Management of Customers' Assets

BITPoint Malaysia separately manages the assets deposited by customers and the assets owned by the company. Likewise, Crypto currencies deposited by customers and owned by the company are managed separately. In order not to confuse the Company’s assets (Including the Crypto currency owned by the Company) with the cash received by customers (Deposit in general account and margin cash in margin trading account), we accurately record on the computer.

Service Termination


Dear valued customer,

We regret inform you we terminate all our services immediately due to Securities Commission Malaysia didn’t permit us to operate as Digital Asset Exchange.

We start to return all our existing customer asset.
Please note, we are keeping customer asset safely.

For existing customer, we will inform asset return process by email.


We appreciate your continuous support and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you.

BITPoint Malaysia Team