Commission Fee

Account management fee

Item Fee
Account Opening Fee Free
Account Management Fee Free

Deposit/Withdrawal Fee

Item Fee
Deposit legal currency (RM) Free (During opening campaign)
Withdraw legal currency (RM) Free (During opening campaign)

Trading management fee

Item Fee
Spot Trading Fee 0.5%
Leverage trading fee Free

Sending & Receiving Fee

Item Fee
Crypto currency receipt (deposit) Free
Crypto currency remittance (send) Free

Fee and expenses are possibly changed in the future.

Open position management fee is charged for the leveraged trading.

If you do leverage trading

Currently, Crypto currencies including Bitcoins are drawing attention in the investment field. As well as generating capital gains on spot tradings, it is also possible to make leverage trading at BITPoint so you are able to have wider range of investment than ever. BITPoint provides the service to open an account of Crypto currency and manage transaction of Crypto currency. In principle, you are able to trade 24 hours a day in 365 days and to purchase and exchange relatively freely.  If you have any questions about the service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Importance Notice About New Account Registration

“..Kindly be informed, we have suspended our new account registration starting from 15th January 2019. Once the new regulatory framework is set up, we will apply for a government license. We will keep you updated on our progress as we have many plans for in the future ..”

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